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Antibody Registry Case Studies

Regional Registry of Patient Alloantibodies First Year Experience

When the Community Blood Center of Greater Kansas City decided to create an online Antibody Registry, they were breaking new ground in the United States. Read about the results from the first year in operation and learn about the benefits of the Registry as reported by regional hospital transfusion services. more…

HIPAA Compliant Web Site Case Study: The Community Blood Center

Client's Challenge

Members of blood banking and hospital communities are aware of the complications involved in providing safe and efficient transfusion processes. If a patient is in need of a transfusion, their blood must be tested for antibodies that make it incompatible even with blood of the same type. Incompatibility can lead to hemolysis, or destruction of red blood cells, which negates the benefits of the transfusion and can cause serious illness or death.


Realizing the need for an antibody record that could follow patients despite changes in hospital, health care provider or insurance carrier, the Community Blood Center sought to build a centralized

HIPAA Compliant Web Site

To meet the unique needs of the Community Blood Center, the team of Web developers and programmers at Antibody Registry developed a HIPAA compliant Web site equipped with password-protection and multi-tiered security levels. Sensitive information is protected through varied levels of access, all user activity is time-stamped, recorded and stored at one central location and a double-entry system reduces the possibility of data entry error.

Immediate Results

Following implementation, the Antibody Registry system immediately supplied valuable results. On the registry's first day of activity, a hospital blood bank discovered a transfusion patient had a complex antibody profile. Ordinarily, several hours would be spent identifying the antibody, but the Antibody Registry provided the Community Blood Center with crucial information in a timely manner. The hospital saved vital time and the patient avoided a potentially life-threatening incompatibility.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Within three months, the Community Blood Center's Antibody Registry database contained information on 4,000 patients. Over a year after incorporating the Antibody Registry into their practice, the Community Blood Center accredits this system with remarkable savings in time and money. A partnering hospital states that the Antibody Registry is "an amazing feature. Really cuts down on calls that have to be made to CBC to check on a patient."

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