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About the Antibody Registry

The Antibody Registry and have been designed, developed, maintained and hosted by Hotspot Interactive. Yes, we are an integrated marketing, graphic design and Web development company. So you may be asking yourself, "What do we know about blood banks, healthcare, antibodies, antigens, and transfusions?" The answer is we know quite a bit thanks to our client partner the Community Blood Center of Greater Kansas City who shared a chronic problem blood banks around the nation have: how to creat create an antibody record that could follow patients from hospital to hospital, healthcare provider to healthcare provider and to insurance carriers. Our skilled custom application Web developers created a system that meets the needs.

Hotspot Interactive has over 26 years of experience working with nonprofit and for-profit organizations to create strong brands and strategic marketing programs to help them tell their compelling stories. In addition, we have developed custom Web-based business solutions since 1998.


Graphic and Web Design

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  • PHP Programming
  • Custom Applications
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  • e-Commerce
  • Mobile
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Brand Strategy

  • Creative Concepts
  • Communications Coaching

Integrated Marketing

  • Writing/Editing
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For more information about how the Antibody Registry can help your organization reach its objectives, call 913-735-0186 or e-mail